The Inventor of K-Cups Regrets Its Creation

The inventor of the K-cup wishes that he had never created the technology. The reason? The small single-serve cups are bad for the environment.

A Bad Idea

The K-cup’s creator, John Sylvan recently did an interview with the Atlantic where he said that he something regrets every creating the K-cup due to the harmful effect it’s ultimately having on the world’s environment. The easy-to-use cups are great for offices who have a number of people working in them, all with different coffee preferences. With a K-cup coffee maker like Kurieg’s line, employees are able to brew themselves a single cup of coffee whenever they like, and aren’t tied to drinking a pot of whatever someone else has decided to brew.

Meant for the Office

The office scenario is what Sylvan originally imagined when he created the technology. What he didn’t imagine was that the same method would be used in people’s homes to brew coffee as well. In a single-family home scenario, it’s much easier to brew the coffee you like in a traditional coffee pot, and brew just as much of it as you plan on drinking. In that type of scenario, a single-serve pod method is exceptionally wasteful.

Too Much trash

The trash created by a bag of coffee is rather minimal, especially if you take into account that many coffee packages can be reused. K-cups on the other hand create a small amount of trash with every cup, trash that accumulates over time and accounts for a considerable amount of landfill space when you add it all up.

Out of His Hands

Sylvan also isn’t getting rich off the idea. he sold the idea for K-Cups in 1997 for just $50,000. Now the technology is owned by Green Mountain, which sells a number of different types of coffee and other drinks to be brewed with the dispenser. Sylvan says he’s contacted the company with ways to improve the product so it does less damage to the environment, however, the company isn’t interested in listening to him.

Tips for Setting Home Security System

Having a home security system is a smart thing to do if you value your home’s protection. Robberies happen on a daily basis all over the world, and there is only so much you can do protect yourself and your family from harms way.

ADT is designed to alert you and the authorities if anybody breaks into your home with or without you being there. The equipment used to make up a home security system are the top in the surveillance industry and can prove to be very useful protecting a home.

Each ADT system must come with the following accessories in order for your home to be fully protected:

  • Control Panel – The controller of everything involved in your home’s security. The control panel gives the home owner control and access over all the features of the security system including turning the system on and off, changing the settings, and configure the security cameras.
  • Sensors – There are a bunch of sensors included with every home security set. Placing each sensor by a door or a window is the perfect way to completely secure all access points. That can be doors, vents, and all windows.
  • Alarm/Siren – The loudest noise you will ever hear. The alarm is set to go off if any of the sensors are breached without consent. It is the fastest way to alert you, the neighbors, and the authorities while scaring off the burglar with the noise.
  • Fire Alarm – The fire alarm’s task is to warn the fire department and the residents of any accumulation in smoke or fire in the house.
  • Keypads – The keypads are placed in simultaneous locations in the home to allow the home owner to enter and exit the premises without setting off any alarms. The keypads can be used to turn the alarm on or off as well which makes them useful instead of having to go to the control pane every time you want to switch the security system on or off.
  • Security Cameras – Security cameras come with night vision and excellent scopes that give the home owner a complete view of the outside of their home. Some home owners also like to install security cameras inside the home in the common areas of the home for personal reasons. The cameras are only activated when the motion detectors sense any motion in a certain room.
  • Motion detectors – They are placed in areas like the backyard and the front yard for an alert if anyone is in your premises. They can be used to activate your ADT cameras in any area with movement.

A Multi-Million Dollar Theft on Sunday Puzzles Police

Theft Along the Interstate

On Sunday, two armed guards in an unmarked tractor trailer rig transported a cargo of gold and silver from Republic Metals Corporation of Miami, Florida towards Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Both men were long time employees of TransValue, a company that transports valuable goods. They stopped in Dillon, South Carolina for gas and then proceeded on their way north. Unfortunately, the truck never arrived at its intended destination. In rural North Carolina, both guards reported smelling gasoline in the truck cabin. One of them complained of feeling ill. The driver pulled over to the side of the interstate and the ill guard clambered outside the truck, leaving his gun inside. Just then, three men pulled up in a white cargo van. They got out of their vehicle and yelled “Policia!” and tied up the sick guard with zip ties and duct tape. The driver of the truck descended from the vehicle, also without his gun, and he was similarly bound. The intruders reportedly escorted the two guards into some nearby woods and left them there, tied up but otherwise unhurt. Then they broke the locks on the truck and removed five buckets containing an estimated 275 pounds of gold bars worth $4.2 million dollars into their van.

Piecing Together the Evidence

Although the theft reportedly occurred in full view of passing drivers, no one called the police until people traveling on the interstate noticed the bound guards emerging from the woods a short time later. The robbers had reportedly used fire cones to cordon off the truck. They had tried to take off with the vehicle itself, but could not start it. They left an estimated $5 million in silver cargo inside. The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is now working with both the Wake County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI to try and uncover the identities of the thieves. The two guards provided a description of two of the men. They described one of the suspects as a stout Hispanic man, approximately 40 years of age, with a heavy Cuban accent. The other is a dark-skinned Hispanic man with a white goatee; he wore a hoodie. The guards reportedly could not provide a description of the third suspect. In the aftermath of the robbery, some authorities reportedly suspect “an inside job.” Police are puzzled by the rapid appearance of the robbers, as the truck pulled to a stop.